Pallet Rack Components & Accessories
Wire Mesh Decking
Open wire construction reduces dust
build-up and allows free light and air
circulation, increases sprinkler effectiveness,
and improves visibility.

3500 lb. capacity per level.

Features 4 gauge wire and 2" x 4" spacing.
Constructed of heavy duty 14 gauge steel.
Completely welded and set-up.

Order two uprights to make one
free-standing starter unit. Add-On units
require only one additional upright (and load

Uprights feature 3"W x 1"D columns
(Capacity: 19,400 lbs. per upright, based on
maximum shelf spacing of 36").

Footplate measures 3"W x 4 1/4"D. Beams
can be adjusted every 2".

Upright Color: Light Green.
Step Load Beams
Two beams are required to create a shelf.
Beam length is measure by clear span
between uprights. Each beam features a
built-in safety clip, which helps prevent the
beam from detaching from the upright.

Interchangeable with most major pallet rack

Beam capacities are based on an evenly
distributed load and have a 1.65 safety factor.

Load beams are sold per beam.

Beam Color: Orange
Steel Safety Supports
Use Safety Supports as front to back
member to support pallets or wood decking.
Safety Supports can also be used in
conjunction with wood decking to provide
additional support for hand stacking
Row Spacer
Row Spacers are used to connect row of
pallet racks (back to back). Spacers increase
stability and maintain consistent spacing
between rows.
Label Holders
Extra large for Pallet Rack applications. Self
adhesive or magnetic label holder allows for
simple label relocation.

Side loading.

Includes Ink-Jet / Laser-Jet compatible
inserts with instructions.

Bar code compatible.
*Note - Detailed specifications, sizes, and Quote Cart coming soon! For now, please
contact us for your specific needs.
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